Our street photosoot at Tg Malim town


Alhamdulillah, saya selaku Pengarah Projek dan Hafizah - AJK Protokol baru selesai mesyuarat bersama YDP MD.Tanjong Malim yang turut ditemani oleh pensyarah pembimbing kami iaitu Pn. Mila Salima, En.Azlan dan Dr.Johari sebagai ketua jabatan.

Proposal kami diterima baik oleh pihak MDTM, dan insyaALLAH segalanya diharapkan berjalan lancar.

Tarikh pameran telah dipinda pada 2hb Mei kerana mengikut jadual MDTM. Di harap semua ahli2 LEXICON bersiap sedia dengan bahan masing-masing untuk Pre-assessement Jumaat ini.


Statistik - Fakta Kesihatan

Pn. Mila once asked whether we already checked the recent statistic of health facts in Malaysia. So here it is for additional reading reference dear lexicons.

More previous campaign can be viewed here


via MOH

Trip Final Semester

holla.. The lexicons already had a mini meeting just now,and we decided to have our final semester grad hooray-hooray trip at Hotspring Sg. KLah since the place is just nearby here.

We'll book villas if the visual art students want to join us ( really hope you guys will join us! ). Each persons who wanna join please spare your money for about rm140. Please send your name and money to Midah before end of this month ( 31st Jan ). Cecima will handle the venue and jasmine will handle the activities.

We'll rent the 3 bedroom villas that will fit 10persons per villa. The other 3 guys will stay in deluxe room. FYI, each villas are equipped with it's own jacuzzi..cool huh? :)

Suggested date will be on 12-14 april 2010

Enjoy the pics and send your name to us a.s.a.p!

Gapis Picnic Trip

As what we discussed before, maybe next Thursday we're going to have a picnic at Gapis, Ulu Slim. Deal eh. nanti kita arrange sapa yang kena masak, bawak ape, bayor bape. huhu

Refer link GAPIS ni untuk view gambar, sebab cecima penah g ngan midzuka tahun lepas. syiokkk
Kalau time kita gi ni takde orang masuk InsyaALLAH free je masuk dalam tu.

Please respond okay



Disebabkan emel yahoo macam tak buleh harap, maka saya pun copy-paste kat sini je lah.. harap take note ye kengkawan. Ada lagi satu file powerpoint. meh datang bilik copy. huhu



Activity 2

Based on public service advertisement, prepare 5-7 minutes presentation in English.

Choose any printed advertisement on public services from the newspaper or magazines. Cut out the advertisement and paste onto a mounting board with a border of 1” x 1”. Present it to the class; briefly explain about what the advertisement is all about and why it has been chosen. Identify which elements of art that has been stressed, organized or used to express the ideas. Describe, elaborate and discuss about the advertisement. Explain about the graphic elements such as the layout, colours, fonts etc. Students may include their opinion about the advertisement. The written notes on the presentations must be glued at the back of the mounting board where the advertisement is placed. Write your details in a small box at the corner.

At this stage, students already have a brief knowledge about advertising, even as a consumer. They must be able to extract and see how the advertisers ‘positioned’ or strengthened the services or message in the market to achieve the target. There is a specific instruction in the assignment. Students must be aware of the requirements and procedures.

It is in the saying that a picture can describe a thousand meaning. The task for the assignment is to understand the whole idea and how the layout works. Student must be able to do a ‘formal analysis’ on the artwork. What it mean by ‘formal analysis’ is to see how the audiences or readers eye moves around the object / subject matter. For a start, the students have to questions themselves on where does ‘the eyes goes first’ and why they are attracted to that part of the image, making them aware of the elements that are present in the work of art and the principles that has been applied. By using the similar techniques, student learn how to arrange the structure of their speech i.e.; introduction, content and conclusion.

The presentation exercise will improve the student’s delivery of the presentation and at the same time, build their confident level. Students will learn from their peers throughout the presentation, that each one of us as an individual may share the same view or may have a different perspective about the same advertisements. At the end of each presentation, students will be given 5-7 minutes for question and answer sessions.

You will be judged based on the following criteria:

· Structure / Arrangement- relevance & adequacy of content 2%

· Delivery- fluency, intonation & pronunciation 2%

· Language- grammatical accuracy, choice of word 2%

· Body Language / Movement- expression, ability to interact 2%

· Appearance / style 2%



erk.. the late n the last post from member lexicon maybe.. sowii cecima. saya cik NURHAMIDAH ABDULLAH// asal SELAYANG BARU//. Umor 26tahun pada tahun ni. majoring in ADVERTISING and minor in VISUAL ART//. untuk final project ni saya bertuah kerana dapat kempen pediatrik ( kanak kanak down syndrome).hehe... saya sgt mengalu2 kan bantuan dari kamu semua samada junior mahupun senior saya. TQVM.